Chithra Bharatham

The Indian Epics, Puranas and legends abound in characters, situations, incidents and stories that have been the inexhaustible source of inspiration to poets, philosophers, musicians, dancers, dramatists and artists of all genres including painters, sculptors, wood carvers, bronze makers, potters etc. Every region has its own native expressions in all these forms of art.

For painters, sculptors, wood carvers and other artisans, the challenge and inspiration are to arrest the movement at a dramatic instant, which renders the work of art reposeful, perfectly aligned and replete with emotion, movement and symbolism. The acme of such an expression is the Nataraja.

In the cross pollinations of art and artists each artist draws his inspiration from all the other arts around him. Thus, poetry becomes music, music becomes dance, dance becomes sculpture, sculpture leads to meditation and meditation to philosophy and philosophy to spiritual realization. Again, the spiritual revelations inspire poetry and the journey goes on and on through centuries.
Paintings contain poetry, drama, dance, music and spiritualism in the traditional Indian art.

Natyarangam’s 22nd thematic dance festival, Chithra Bharatham brings together contemporary Indian Paintings and Bharathanatyam in a synergistic presentation where the dancer imbibes not just the figures, colours, posture, emotion, imagery and symbolism but the thrust of the whole painting and what the artist attempts to convey. The depiction is done through a script that is woven with poetry, song, music, rhythm, colours and costumes.
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