We invite dancers to take the platform of Natyarangam to portray their competence and talent in dance. We however, have certain guidelines which have been drawn out over the years. They enable us to give the best use of our facilities in the interest of the Fine Arts. We endeavour to strictly follow these guidelines as, all of you are equally important to us. Kindly ensure that you follow them to work with us.

  1. Natyarangam is the Dance Wing of the Narada Gana Sabha. The Secretary of the Sabha is the President of this Wing. However, as a progressive and quality - conscious organisation, the Trustees have invested Natyarangam with independence in its selection of artistes. As a corollary, Natyarangam does not have a role in the selection of artistes for the events in the Sabha. The Sabha has performances in many art forms besides Bharathanatyam. Dancers of other art forms as well as Bharathanatyam dancers requesting opportunities for Sabha events, are therefore, advised to appeal directly to the Sabha, in person, in relation to the Sabha's events.
  2. We are primarily focused on Bharathanatyam. We respect all the classical dance forms. However, with the wide scope of the art form and the bountiful group of youngsters who have imbibed the same, our resources are optimally utilised for only this format. We have performances in Bharathanatyam only. If you are a proponent of any other sampradayam, kindly see the previous note.
  3. We conduct 2 concerts of about one- and- a- half- hours each on one Saturday in a month. The concert usually features only individual presentations. Where a duo are used to performing together, it may be considered.  The subsequent Sunday, once in three months, features a Lec- Dem by a senior exponent. Twice a year, we have a senior exponent present a Poorna - Margam. The Saturday events, therefore, feature young and talented Bharathanatyam dancers. Due to the Season, there is no presentation in December. Since our Annual Festival is an elaborate programme, the Festival is itself the feature of the month. The remaining months are available for regular concerts. The availability of a slot to feature you is therefore dependent on these factors.
  4. All dancers of Bharathanatyam who wish to feature in the Sabha's events are advised to appeal directly to the Sabha, in person.
  5. The next point features the essentials for application to Natyarangam. Kindly send
    • A hard copy with the CD/ DVD addressed to Natyarangam, c/o The Narada Gana Sabha Trust, 314 T T K Road, Chennai 600018.
    • The soft copy with ONE pdf containing ALL the pages mentioned in the first three points below (including the links as part of the covering letter). The links may also be placed as part of the mail itself. This mail may be sent to natya.opportunities@gmail.com. From January 2020, emails may be sent to natyarangam.ngs at gmail.com
  6. The following are essential to apply for performance opportunities
    • A covering letter from you with salient features to support your request.
    • A letter from your Guru, recommending you to Natyarangam for performance. If from an Institution, an Authorised Signatory (Principal/ Head of the Department) may sign.
    • A Letter of Undertaking from you that you will follow all the Rules and Regulations of Natyarangam and The Narada Gana Sabha Trust; if offered the opportunity to perform under its aegis.
    • A CD / DVD (along with the hard copy) / One or more links¬†-(as part of the soft copy) - to your videos on your own site/ site of the Institution you have studied/ or on Youtube only. Links to other sites may kindly be avoided.
    • No other recommendation or reference is essential; and may best be avoided.
  7. You may be aware that the volume of mail may prevent us from responding individually to your mail/ email. Our apologies to you for the same.
  8. Kindly apply only ONCE. All Records are maintained to enable us to give opportunities to the most merited candidates. In fact, we seek out such persons. It is not necessary to apply repeatedly.
  9. Members of our committee are always on the look-out for talent which is worthy of our encouragement. You may email us information of your performance From January 2020, emails may be sent to natyarangam.ngs at gmail.com. Kindly also be sensitive that it would be advisable to send invitation mails only once or twice during a year.
  10. The following may enable you to prepare yourself for an Opportunity at Natyarangam and lend visibility to you as an artiste :
    • Regular participation and attendance at concerts of Natyarangam - monthly, special, Festival and others.
    • Applying for and securing a place in the Annual Camp in January at Tennangur (this is a separate process)
    • Being part of activities of Natyarangam such as Jana Bharatham, in a voluntary capacity.
    • Being seen as a person interested in attending concerts of various Gurus and displaying active involvement in learning through such concerts
    • Attending workshops, meetings and similar dance - related activities which share the knowledge of experts and respected professionals.
    • In short, presenting yourself as a person sincerely interested in the art form- to learn and imbue it in your thought and action - the hallmark of a consummate artiste of the classical tradition.

Thank you