A priceless collection

Natyarangam has a great tradition of encouraging dance and dance enthusiasts.

It has been our policy to conceive innovative themes and provide a platform for both young and experienced dancers to explore the themes, through Bharathanatyam.

The festivals are a treasure- trove for any person interested in dance. Every Festival- Theme is selected after a great deal of discussion, nearly a year before the date. A team of Research Scholars and Experts are shortlisted and approached with a profile of the theme- presentation.

Considerable time is utilised to delineate the aesthetics, subject- matter, interpretative elements, slokas/ poems supportive of context and similar other characteristics of various components of the theme.

Dancers are simultaneously selected and matched to the sub- component of the theme which they would like to take up.

They are then entrusted to a specific Scholar / Expert and a few months' interaction between them enables the theme and its presentation to be strengthened.

Meanwhile, the Natyarangam team meets with the Scholar and Dancer/s to see the progress of the exercise as well as how well the interpretations match the profile of the theme which was initially cast.

Each day of the theme is the result of these interactions and the effect of a harmonious working of a number of persons to achieve a desired result.

It can be boldly said that as of now, Natyarangam is the only organisation involving itself in this particular process to encourage and nurture the art form.

Natyarangam 2013-  The Wodeyars - Speech by Vikram Sampath

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